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Welcome, new members!

Thanks so much to everyone who has joined this community! It's great to have online support, but the way to really make a difference is to write your Representatives!

You can find the address of your district's Representative in the House here:

The Military Readiness Enhancement Act would repeal the discriminatory policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and allow GLBT people to serve in the military without fear of being discharged for what happens behind closed doors. This bill basically died in committee, so write to your Representative and ask them to revive it!

Here are some compelling reasons you can include in your letter:

- 800 specialists with critical skills have been discharged under DADT, including 55 Arabic translators. If we are going to successfully pull out of Iraq and leave them with a stable infrastructure, we cannot afford to lose any more Arabic linguists!

- Taxpayers have paid hundreds of millions (estimates range between 250 million and 1.2 billion) of dollars to persecute GLBT service members and train their replacements.

- 67% of Americans support the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" as of 2004

- 75% of troops say they are comfortable with the presence of GLBT people

- The U.S., Turkey, and Portugal are the only NATO nations that do not allow GLBT to serve openly in the military.

(The above facts are from

Leave a comment if you took the time to write a letter!
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