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Crunch Time

Both the Senate and the House have not been in session for most of April, so it's no surprise that the Military Readiness Enhancement Act is still stuck in committee. However, both chambers are back in session this week, and our voices can help make the MREA a top priority!

I apologize for the infrequent updates here. To be honest, I have been very disheartened by the overwhelming negative response to this group by some members of the LGBT community.

Even if writing to and calling Representatives is not the best way to achieve our goals, it is the only way I know how. You can sit at your computer and do nothing to advance gay rights, or you can sit at your computer and click a few links to contribute to the advancement of gay rights. It's up to you! Be proud of yourself - be able to tell future generations that you helped repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell," even if it was in a small way. All the small things add up to change.

You can go to this page:
and choose which message you want to send to Washington. It's fast and it's easy. What's your excuse not to?
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